Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtide Sale

With the introduction of my Springtide line of jewelry last week, my Etsy store has filled back up pretty nicely. The best part, there's still more new designs to come tomorrow! (Oh, how I tease =). To usher in spring (the spring equinox was yesterday) I'm offering 30% off all purchases in my Etsy shop with the coupon code "Springtide."

My spring pieces were a labor of love, many new designs, but also many spins off of old designs as well.  Inspirations for these pieces came from many places. I know I don't talk much on this blog about what inspires me, and I hope to share that will all of you more this year as this blog evolves into it's own life. 

I think I sometimes find it difficult to talk about what inspires me because I am inspired by so many things. I usually sum it up this way: "I am inspired by the myriad ways the urban and natural worlds intersect." And it's true. I think hoards of pigeons congregated on overhead roof-tops are beautiful. A woman dressed to the nines walking down a rough city street. Overgrown city gardens. Slightly unkempt beauty, I suppose, is my forte. 

I strive to make jewelry that could just as easily be worn with your most casual, comfy clothes, as it could a formal evening dress. . . Part of this comes from my not-so-traditional way of defining style. But much of it comes from listening to my customers and what they like, what they like to wear. I love it when  a pleased customer comes back to me and says they wear their new piece of jewelry every single day.

I always hope that when someone is perusing my shop they find a new piece of jewelry to love and wear for a long time to come. As I type this I'm wearing my own Featherlight necklace. With a dress and clogs =)

Have a lovely day!

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