Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two Months Gone

Well, well, well. I am NOT a very responsible blogger! That is quite apparent. Two months ago was when I put up my last post. Obviously, life has been busy busy busy. I pretty much feel like a broken record saying that! But I've been pretty actively thinking about this here blog and where I want to go with it this year. I think it's going to take a more casual, loosely focused turn this year, if that makes any sense. I think, mainly, I'm starting to see the best use for my blog as being a place to share the things I'm thinking about, feeling, the things I'm passionate about, whether in word of picture form will depend on the mood. For those of you who don't follow me on Instgram or Facebook, here's a little picture journal of my life lately, in no particular order. . . 

I've been working like a mad woman creating new pieces for the POOL trade show.

nights out for drinks and dancing with good friends

Mid-January I got pretty sick. Spent a lot of time in bed reading.

I had a booth at the Treasure Island Flea the last weekend in January. I sold a mix of my handmade pieces alongside some vintage jewelry form my ever-growing stash.

A neighborhood cat that of late has claimed my home as her home. She's really sweet. We've taken to calling her "Ewoke Kitty."

My cats: Arlo and Otis. Working on their chub!

Many early mornings, headed to my studio

Photo: Jeffrey Boozer makes the best mix "tapes" :-)

mixed CDs from Jeff keep me going at my studio

Well, off to my studio today. Some unexpected news plopped itself down right in front of me in the middle of composing this blog entry. But that's for another entry, another time.