Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Honey Amber Gold

A few of my favorite things on Etsy right now. . . 

I love the rustic elegance of this necklace. I'd love to pair it with an all-black ensemble, so the focus would really be on the amber.

I adore this! I actually meant to include this in my Valentine's Day round-up but somehow forgot. But I think it would be perfect for any day of the week, adorning one of my bedroom walls.

These tumblers would be the perfect addition to my kitchen. I've been on the look-out for vintage glassware for my next all-gal gathering. Maybe these!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Style & Reason

A quick post, and then I've gotta get back to work. I'd forgotten just how much there is to catch up on on a Monday after a weekend craft fair! Sometimes it's more than easy to understand how and why some people don't have the time to put towards "fashion." If you saw what I was wearing today you'd seriously question if I was putting any time towards it. . .

To my point tho! I picked up a copy of the most recent Vogue and was awed by the patterns and fabrics in this style story:

Back to work for me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling like Summer

Oh, boy is it ever feeling like summer around these parts! I can't believe how mild a winter we've had. It's making me itch to ditch all plans, pack up a picnic lunch and just head out to the park for a day of lazy times.

Here's a mini-list of some inter-web loveliness to jump start your weekend. . . Mostly, I think we just all want to get outside for a couple days and enjoy this mild weather we're having!

~ Amanda Johnson of the stylish blog Here's Lookin' at Me Kid recently posted about feeling confident and good about yourself. I really appreciated this post, especially from a "fashion" and style blogger. While I don't agree with everything she says, I do agree with most of it. She's obviously given it all some considerable and sensitive thought.

~ Tamera of Verhext posted about this awesome caliigraphy set from Linea Carta. I love it and may need to get one for myself!

~ Yesterday I posted about CH Good Stock's feature in the East Bay Express. Today I thought I'd share a link to a little photo gallery of some of the delights that can be found at the shop. I especially love these new lightweight scarves. Perfect for a warm "summer" day!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CH Good Stock Love

I was so excited to pick up this week's issue of the East Bay Express and see the lovely Dana Olson, owner of the amazing boutique CH Good Stock, on the cover! Her shop is included in the "Insider's Guide" insert in the "Politics of Shopping" section (page 23.) You can grab a copy of the Express for free at most newsstands.

And, don't forget, you can also find lovely 'ol me at the shop every Thursday from 11 am to 6pm. A finely curated selection of my jewelry is available at the shop, as well as my alteration services. Necklace too long, I can fix that up for you.

Even if you don't have money to burn, I still highly recommend taking a walk on down to the cemetery at the end of Piedmont avenue and dropping in for a little peek, cause the weather sure is gorgeous out. Our address is 4454A Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SF Flea Local Love

This weekend I'll be starting back up on the craft fair circuit. I was thinking about it the other day and it's been two months since my last craft fair (not including First Fridays)! It's no wonder it feels like it's been a long time. Going from sometimes as many as four craft fairs a month to none for a while is a big down-shift. Time to shift back into high gear!

The SF FLEA will be at the Herbst Pavilion at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. It's this Saturday and Sunday (the 25th and the 26th). We'll be open from 11am to 6pm on Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday. And if you mention my blog, and this post, you'll be 25% off any one item!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Early Birthday Fun

My birthday is still nearly two months away (April 11th) but I'm already thinking about what I want to do. . . and what I want to wear. This year I'm itching to don a 50s-era dress, something floral or lacey, something sugary-sweet. 

The color of this one is so so perfect! And all-over lace is something I just can't resist.

I love the drapey top to this one, and the painterly flowers.

And this one! I feel like this one would be perfect for a disco-themed birthday bash. I love the sparkle and the gathered skirt.

What are your birthday plans?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vacation Monday

Good afternoon! I don't know if most of you out there are enjoying a day off from work and obligations, mine is falling somewhere in the middle. Things to get done (photo-shoot for Tangleweeds especially, those new spring pieces are headed to my Etsy shop soon) but not too much, time to sit and relax as well. 

I'm a bit of a StyleLikeU hound, and recently discovered this lovely lady. The way she dresses reminds me of the way I used to dress, oh, seven, eight years ago: lots of really bright colors, really BIG jewelry. While my style has evolved, Fred reminds me to play with style and fashion a bit more than I do nowadays. Enjoy!

Has your style evolved in a significant way over the years? And if so, why do you think that is? It's an interesting question to ask oneself (I think) and may be something I explore further in future Style and Reason posts.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The World of Fashion

This week I bring you a fashion edition of my "wonders on the web round-up," in honor of New York fashion week! Enjoy. . .

* I thought the above video on what it means to be a woman and what it means to be feminine (or not), from StyleLikeU, was pretty thoughtful. See for yourself.

* I am thoroughly in love with the summer line for Stella McCartney. The scooped necklines, the assymmetry, the patterns. I'm swooning!

* Cali Vintage (an Oakland gal!) has been a great source for behind the scenes photos at some great runway shows. I love Rachel Antonoff's fall 2012 collection

* Elsie, of a Beautiful Mess, has been posting a series of photography tips on her blog. This one gives lots of great advice on how to take great outfit photos. 

* Gala Darling posted all about the secret meaning of gemstones on her fabulous blog. I often get customers asking about the metaphysical properties of the various stones I use in my jewelry. One of my favorites is turquoise, for it's "grounding" properties.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. And if you're an East Bay-er like me, remember the bay bridge is closed all weekend, so start planning your alternate travel plans if necessary.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty Penny

Pretty Penny is this adorable vintage shop on College Avenue in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. I've been selling my jewelry there for just over a year. The ladies who work there are lovely and friendly and they will hep you find the perfect dress, necklace, pair of sunglasses, you name it, they'll be your personal stylist! I dropped off a great selection of classic Tangleweeds pieces, like my medium sized hoops pictured below, with a few new styles mixed in. If you have a chance to stop in, say hi to Ellen, the carroty-red haired lady with the impeccable style, and tell her I sent you! She's the woman I work with to have my jewelry in the shop. Thanks, Ellen!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Super Sneaky Sale

Yesterday was the last day of my new year sale. . . As part of my new series of blog posts and features, I will be offering some sort of blog exclusive sale every Wednesday. It can only be found here! And guess what I'm offering today? Any purchase from my Etsy shop of up to three pieces will receive a 50% discount. That's right, half off! But it's only for today. Read on for details on how to take advantage of this limited offer. . . 

To make this as easy as possible, simply email me at TangleweedsJewelry@gmail.com. Let me know which pieces you want (remember, up to three) and I'll set up a reserved listing for you on Etsy that reflects your 50% discount. I'd set up a coupon code for this if I could, but so far Etsy coupons don't allow the seller to set very many limits. 

And for all of you, a mini (and messy) workbench tour from yesterday. . . 

Have a lovely rest of your day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Carry All Carry Everywhere

We all need that bag that we can fit EVERYTHING in. You know, your laptop, and extra change of clothes, your camera, your makeup bag. I'm continually on the search for the perfect bag that I'll use for ever. Especially as my life becomes fuller and busier as I mature into adulthood, I sometimes feel like I'm juggling three lives at once. There's the artist, there's the (sort of) step-mom shtick, there's the girlfriend and life partner to Jeff, there's that part of me that hopes to still pursue all of my other creative passions.

These two bags seem like they'd help me sew all those disparate parts together just a bit more efficiently.

This last bag is obviously not the catch-all large bag I showcased above, but it does seem like the perfect bag for all of the craft fairs I sell at throughout the year. I love the femininity of it. It's practical design would allow me to keep my change on me all day, and would be cute enough to wear out in the evening. Yet another way to make life a bit easier but still pretty.

What's your idea of the perfect bag?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Red White Pink and Hearts

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! While the holiday has never much excited me, for some reason this year I'm wanting to celebrate, to make heart shaped cookies, don a suitably festive outfit (something flirty and fun, pink and red with black perhaps), give valentines to my friends, not just my honey.

Jeff is dj-ing at Bar 355 in Oakland that night. It's his usual weekly gig at the bar, just so happens to fall on Valentine's day this week. . . We've been brainstorming ways to make it festive without spending a fortune. His job is with the music, mine will be with the decor, and possibly some sweet treats. While I'm feeling the itch to celebrate, I'm wanting to do so in a less conventional way.

And while I am absolutely tempted to rush out and purchase something new (new but thrifted most likely) to wear on Tuesday evening, I am remaining strong, attempting to push my creativity with my exisitng wardrobe. . .

From this inspiration. . .

The beautiful Ashley of Fancy Fine

a sweet little print from ExLibris Journals

red botanical photographic print from Catherine Jeltes of Gallery Zoo Art


ruffles, pink, red, white
black velvet (the skirt is velvet)
pardon the i-phone photos. I was getting all geared up to take these photos with my camera fresh back from the repair shop when I realized my memory cards are all at my work studio, a half hour drive away in Berkeley. . . so, for now, the old i-phone will have to suffice.

And maybe this here jewelry artist will even paint her nails. Shocking. It will last approx. 24 hours before it starts to chip.
What will you be doing on Valentine's Day?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Day, Lazy Day

This day has simply flown by! Whoosh and it was 6 in the evening. How did that happen? Tomorrow is becoming my regular Tangleweeds day off, re-juice the batteries with relaxation time, reading time, cat time, lazy time. And I picked up the newest issue of the Believer and I am looking forward to sitting around and reading it (possibly) cover to cover.

In the meantime, a sneak peak of some of the jewels to be added to my Etsy shop in two weeks. . .

horseshoe style pendant-necklace with semi-precious stones

Have a restful weekend everyone!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Times of Goodness

As I put this wonders on the web post together for you this morning I am besot by frustrating thoughts of the money and time (as in there's never enough time) variety. When I get like this I sort of get immobilized, I can't decide what to do next because I can't do ALL OF IT, so I throw my hands up in the air and go watch Weeds, or something like that. Somehow tho, I'm putting one foot in front of the other this morning and just doing one thing at a time. Fancy that.

But, on to good news, I got my camera back this week. It was sent off to be repaired around the holidays. Now that I have it back I'm going to be snapping many photos of new pieces of jewelry. I'm curating a selection of pieces to go up in my Etsy shop around the beginning of March.

For now, a handful of web goodies for you this morning:

~ A little tutorial on taking great outdoor photos by A Beautiful Mess. Once I started taking my jewelry photos outside they started looking so much better!

~ Because we all need a little pick me up now and then: some great inspirational quotes as art, compiled by another jewelry artist, Jess of Epheriell Designs.

~ This Humble Abode is a lovely little blog put together by Jenny Rinzler, a friend and fellow craft fair seller. I can't believe I only just this week discovered her blog. I can't wait to try out the chai recipe she posted about a couple weeks back.

~ Also just discovered: The Makers photo project. Jennifer Causey. She chronicles, through photos, artists and makers in the Brooklyn area. (With one exception: Blue Bottle coffee here in Oakland!) This is what she has to say (taken from her "About" page): "I am lucky to live in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a place full of energy and creative spirit; located close enough to the lights and frenetic energy of Manhattan to have a big city feel, yet far away enough to give a sense of space and small town community. In this hectic, industrialized modern world, I am constantly seeking handmade and artisan-produced products." Here ye here ye!

~ This Bohemian Homes tumblr is pretty amazing. Wood, and plants, and earthy colors, and tapestries, and quilts, and bed canopies, oh my! This one is probably my favorite. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Delights to be Had

New jewelry and other goodies at CH Good Stock. I'll be here from 11 to 6 if you're in the area and want to stop by, maybe pick up an early Valentine's Day gift, or to just say hi! 4454A Piedmont Ave in Oakland.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One More Week!

You have just one more week to take advantage of my NEW YEAR sale in my Etsy shop. Take 30% off all purchases with the coupon code "NewYear." Enjoy!

And make sure to check back at the end of this month and the beginning of next as I stock my shop with lots of new designs!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's go on a journey

It may seem counter-productive to continue to write my Tuesday Etsy Trio posts given my self-imposed no-shopping year, but I do still want to share the things I love with ya'll. And the connections I make with folks through this feature cannot be measured in dollars.

This week I thought I'd go on a journey, maybe it's an urban one, maybe it's through the woods. It's the kind of journey that's spontaneous, you just hop in your car and set forth on the road, windows down, some snacks thrown into a canvas sack and no specific time frame to limit you. This backpack above would be perfect for throwing all of my necessities into and could just as easily be taken hiking as it could the city streets. From Sabrina Tach. Check out her shop for a plethora of other wonderful leather and handmade bags.

This necklace, with it's gorgeous Lapis stone and hand-crafted metal work, would be the perfect talisman for the trip. As Silvia, of Silvia's Creations, states in the description of this piece: "Lapis Lazuli encourages taking charge of life. It reveals inner truth. . ."

Southwestern Jacket
And of course there were be a great need to stay warm! Assuming we're heading out on the adventure in February. I love this jacket from Astral Boutique. I've been an avid follower of this lady's Etsy shop from the beginning and love to see the way she styles pieces in her various photo-stories.

Let the journey begin!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Style and Reason - (Almost) Three Month Update

So here we are, almost three months into my challenge to not buy any new-to-me wearables, unless they are absolutely necessary, for one whole year.

What have I learned so far? Well, I have learned that I am weak! I have already fallen off the wagon so to speak. I was visiting family over the holidays, in southern California, and had the oppurtunity to
check out some new-to-me thrift spots. Ugh. That was basically asking for trouble. The new shops combined with my desire to stave off some unwanted boredom led to me totally breaking my rules. I won't go into details. You'd never take me seriously again!

But! Right when I was thinking, "oh, phooey, why even try to get back on the wagon?" I read this article: The Truth About my Debt over at Daily Worth. A little voice went off in my head, hmmmm, I thought. I could relate to this idea of entitlement. The idea that yeah, I'm not rich, heck, money's really tight, but I do my best to save and get by, so I must be doing the best I can, right? Wrong!

I know when I have the money to buy something for myself and I know when it's simply a bad idea. The problem for me, with thrift shops, is I usually find at least ten great things at any one shop, and while each individual price is great, it quickly adds up to quite a bit more than I meant to allow myself to spend. One five dollar shirt can quickly become ten five dollar shits if I'm not careful. Spending fifty dollars at a thrift shop on five shirts I don't need is hardly budgeting.

With that said, I'm jumping back on the wagon! I'm still going to continue my weekly Style and Reason posts here, focusing on how I allow myself to have fun with fashion and styling and maintain my monetary commitment to myself. . .

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wonders on the Web Round Up

The National Hotel
The National Hotel in Nevada City

I've been wanting to put together some semi-regular posts full of all of the wonderful ephemera I find on the web. Art, other's blogs, handmade items, fashion, astro-stuff, other inspring folks, just things and words and ideas I find that make me stop and go "ahhh, yes," if you know what I mean. I make no promises that this will be a regular weekly post as some weeks I have more time for trolling around on the internet than others. I also thought this would be a nice way to chronicle the interesting things I do find and want to be able to "re-find" in the future. 

Dragons : this post about the year-of-the-dragon by Tamera of Verhext is fantastic. As she says, this year will be about "getting stuff done & jumping into the fray, high energy, mobility, and prosperity."
~ Verhext's posts about Dragons led me to this fantastic "year-in-review" post by the lovely Angeliska. She never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If her life doesn't make you wanna jump up and do something, then I don't know what will!
~ This photoshoot in Test magazine makes me want to go for a romp through the woods. Oh, and this one too!
~ As you saw from yesterday's post, I'm in love with the songs of Lana Del Rey
~ If you love all things southwest in fashion, design, and style, then check out this tumblr, Take me to Turquoise Mountain.
~ I'm a sucker for fashion blogs. If I'm not careful I can waste hours pouring through them. I love these easy outfits put together by Jane of Sea of Shoes.
~ I am fascinated by mixed media jewelry artists, especially this one: Fanciful Devices. I especially love these lightbulb earrings. (Scroll down about 1/2 way through the post to see them.)
~ Another one of my favorite mixed media jewelry artists is Sparrow Salvage. Unfortunately the sparrow who runs this shop was recently in a pretty awful car accident. She is doing okay, but you can check out her blog here. While her Etsy shop may be closed for now I'm sure she's going to be back with many amazing pieces. In the meantime you can enjoy scrolling through her beautiful images on her blog.
~ And lastly, some inspiration for a creative weekend project from Design Sponge. I do have lots of pressed flowers and leaves lurking around in the pages of random books and journals.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inspiration Folder

Today has been off to a bumpy start. . . Feeling under the weather, which is quite unfortunate today given this gorgeous weather! Such un-winter-like winter we're having here in the San Francisco bay area. I had intended to share some snaps with you from the new shop, CH Good Stock, I'm working at on Thursdays, but, alas, that will have to wait 'til next week. Here's a little Lana Del Rey to enjoy in the meantime. I love her gown in this video, and the tigers!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time for Valentines

Valentine's day is coming up quickly. . . The 14th, for those of you who weren't sure. Don't forget I'm having a 30% off everything in my shop sale. It's a great way to pick up a lovely handmade gift for your sweetie! Simply use the coupon code "NewYear" at checkout to receive your discount.

A smattering of styles and designs to choose from. . . 

Also, I'm offering, as a little Valentine's day bonus, your choice of stone with all designs. If you don't prefer the stone the design originally comes with, simply choose from the selection pictured below:

from top, going clockwise: carnelian(orange), garnet(red), spinel(black), whiskey quartz(caramel-brown), peridot(green), labradorite(grey-blue). 

There's lots more pieces in the shop to choose from too. Enjoy!