Monday, March 5, 2012

Everything's Coming up Sapphire and Citrine

My obsession with blue and gold has taken a firm hold. I'm wearing this color combo,

it's showing up in my jewelry, 

and now I want to use it to decorate my home! I'm seriously considering painting my kitchen sunshiny-yellow walls, white cupboards, royal blue on the moldings. But that's if time, motivation, and money allow. . . For now, pink walls =).

daffodils in my kitchen

My sister and I went to the Alameda Point Antique's Fair on Sunday, and oh wow, was it a ton of fun. The time flew by! I felt super-uber-productive because I actually left with what I went looking for: a set of glassware for mixed drinks. They're a pretty ambery-rosey color. 

A few photographic snippets from my sister's and my adventure:

Going to the Antiques Faire seriously helped re-stock my creative juices. I've been floundering a bit creatively lately. It's not that I don't have ideas, it's more just that when I sit  down to my workbench, I feel like I always need to make the most of my time. . . And creative time, as all creatives know, is not always "productive" in the most literal form of the word.

But I know it is productive, and that's why I'm making sure to start "scheduling" in some creative play time more often. . . I'm getting more excited just thinking about it!

Welcome to a new week!


  1. That is seriously one sweet as colour combination. I love it. And it's even more beautiful as jewellery! I cannot wait to go to Antique Fairs when I'm over there. I have already planned the Long Beach excited!

  2. Oh, yes, the antiques faire in Alameda is amazing!