Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sneaky Little Sales

Wednesday has long been my "sale" day in my Etsy shop, and here on my blog. It's one of the few regular posts I've kept up on over the years (what?! you say. Blogging isn't your TOP priority at all times? =).

As I pondered what special sale I wanted to have this week (whilst I'm already having a Springtide 30% off everything in the shop sale with the coupon "Springtide.") I realized many of you don't know about the coupon codes I offer all of the time!

These earrings are one of the newest additions to my Springtide Collection.
First, there's the coupon "Tumbleweed." This is good for 10% off your entire purchase from my shop.

Then, there's the coupon code "FreeShipping," for, your guessed it, free shipping!

Thirdly, I offer 15% off all purchases to returning customers. I have a special coupon code for that as well. If you are a returning customer and have not received such a code and would like one, shoot me a message on Etsy and I'll be happy to send it your way!

There ya go. Now maybe you can pick up that gift you've been procrastinating on, or maybe a little something for yourself, and save some moola while you're at it!

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