Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magic Here Now

Magic in this day and age is such an elusive thing. Ritual too. We, as a collective people, are not very connected to ritual*, or to things we don't understand, figuring science will come along eventually and explain everything. Sometimes I think there are things we are not meant to understand, and then sometime I think science is simply magic, reduced down to it's simplest formula. 

For this week's Etsy trio I bring you a few elements imbued with a touch of magic. . .

(*I mean this in a general way. I know many people are choosing to acknowledge the sacred and divine in their lives, as am I, in the ways they can.)

What a lovely conversation piece this would be. This would be the perfect home for my Tangleweeds business cards!

When I saw this top I practically hit the "add to cart" button before I checked my bank balance! Really, what's not to love about this top? There's even a zodiac chart printed on the back!

J'adore this necklace! It really does remind me of the moon in so many ways. I could see wearing this piece by itself or layered with a gajillion other chains and necklaces. I love the rustic, craggy appearance of the bezel too.

 I hope we all have a little bit of time today to appreciate the magic all around us!

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