Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swoopity Swoop Swoop!

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

Instead of the usual 30% off I thought I'd post about the holiday sale I'm having! Right now, buy one pair of swoop earrings and get the second pair, of equal or lesser value, for 1/2 off!

Hope to see you in the Etsy Shop!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Handmade East Bay

This Sunday I'll be hosting this lovely event at my home in Oakland.
There will be free food and drinks. Kids are welcome!

Stress free Christmas shopping. Hang out with friends and family and procure some lovely handmade goods for gifts:

~ jewelry
~ silkscreened shirts
~ kitchen goods
~ knit scarves
~ hand-screened rock and roll posters
~ photograpghy
~ original art
~ art prints
~ hair accessories
~ homemade cupcakes
~ furniture

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Three Moons

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

~hand-forged copper necklace~

inspiration: the full moon hanging heavy in the evening sky as I ride my bike home at the end of my day

Enter the code "tangleweeds blog" in the message section of your Etsy receipt to receive 30% off this hand-forged copper necklace.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Utilitarian Frivolity

I’ve always had a love for fashion, for the way we dress, for the art of mixing different components to create an artful whole. But I have a very strong utilitarian streak - if it does the job, if the pair of pants fit, if the belt buckles, if the shoes keep the water out then it fits the bill. I get this from my dad. It’s a trait that helps me in many ways, carries me through difficult times, financial or otherwise, and plays a large role in the way I dress.

At this point in my life there are certain realities that limit the way I dress. I work at a coffee shop. My bicycle is my primary mode of transportation. I walk places a lot. And, quite frankly, I hate to be uncomfortable. I don’t think that awesome fashion has to sacrifice comfort.

I love to mix patterns, love to see how different colors work together. The fact that I get to spend my day wearing what I’ve put together pleases me to no end.

I post my outfit photos to Wardrobe Remix on Flickr every now and then, sometimes more often than others, it can be sporadic. While I in no way intend for this blog to become a fashion or outfit blog solely, I though it might be fun to every now and then show you what I’m wearing.

Today was mostly spent at home working, with a few errands on my bike thrown into the mix. The secret to this outfit: I’m wearing bike shorts under my skirt!

outfit details: skirt, belt, camisole, necklace and sweater - all thrifted ~ tights - Hue ~ booties - DSW ~ earrings - made by me

'Til next time!

Feria Urbana

December is upon us! And that means lots of fabulous arts and crafts faires all throughout the bay area for you to do your holiday shopping at.

I'll be at Feria Urbana this Thursday from 6 to 10 pm.

Drop by, say hello, and maybe pick up a new piece of jewelry for someone special in your life.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Sales

I'm having a couple holiday sales in my Etsy Shop!

Through next week I'm offering free shipping on all domestic orders. Also, buy one pair of swoop earrings and get the second pair of equal or lesser value for half off!

Simply head over to my Etsy shop now to get an early start on holiday shopping for your loved ones. Then you can breathe, relax, and really enjoy the rest of the holiday season as it gets into full swing!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Dangling Night Sky

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

~hand-forged brass earrings~

inspiration: the way the night sky presses down on me when I lay out on the lawn in my backyard at night

Enter the code "tangleweeds blog" in the message section of your Etsy receipt to receive 30% off these hand-forged brass and labradorite earrings.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dasher and Donner

I was just putzing around, kind of dragging my feet on finishing the editing work on some new jewelry photos when I decided to check in on my shop. Really, there is nothing nicer than to take a break from work only to find out you're featured in one of the Etsy holiday gift guides! You can go check it out here (and get an early start on your Christmas shopping!)

My morale's been a bit low lately, there's been a big dose of "oh, why am I doing any of this, why don't i just get a real job already, have a small bit of financial security for once in my life" sorts of thoughts going through my head. I do this work because I love it, I do it for a lot of reasons. But sometimes the love for it seems like it might not be enough. . . I'm afraid that's possibly gonna out me as an artistic phoney, but it's true. It's moments like these, when the money's tight and I'm not sure how I'm gonna pay rent next, and I've just spent the last 24 hours alone at home working, with only the cats to talk to, it's moments like these when finding out that I'm featured in an Etsy gift guide can really brighten my mood.

Here's a small sampling of the other lovelies featured alongside me:

Ochre Earrings

Semicircle Hoops

Fanciful Forest Necklace

Well, time for dinner now and then back to work for me. Off to San Jose tomorrow to see my sister and this adorable guy (my nephew):

Good night!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nest Building

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

~hand-forged copper and brass earrings~

inspiration: the way birds will gather bits of this and that, pieces of straw, strips of tree bark, blades of grass to build their nests

Enter the code "tangleweeds blog" in the message section of your Etsy receipt to receive 30% off these earthy, periodot, quartz, and labradorite earrings.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Just Peachy

What a delightful surprise today to find out I'm featured in this lovely treasury over on Etsy.

~Peach Goldenlocks n the Cranbears~

~my hand-forged earrings~

~ a cute bear-print~

~and this lovely cuff! ~

(there's more too, just click here to see the rest of it.

It was put together by Curious Oddities who just so happens to have a pretty nifty Etsy shop of her own! Here are a few pieces from her shop:

This one is my favorite. It's a teeny-tiny lightbulb!

pendulum necklace

brass globe necklace

It's raining and a bit dreary here, but dreary and gloomy in a good way. I have a very full weekend planned full of fun stuff and a little bit of work. Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Bit of Mystery

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

~hand-forged copper and silver pendant~

inspiration: early morings when the world is still drenched in fog and the day still holds a bit of mystery

Enter the code "tangleweeds blog" in the message section of your Etsy receipt to receive 30% off this rustic, hand-forged copper and silver pendant.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hanging from the Moon

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

~hand-forged copper earrings~

inspiration: the first quarter moon hanging in a dark blue, night sky

Enter the code "tangleweeds blog" in the message section of your Etsy receipt to receive 30% off these rustic, hand-forged copper earrings.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Changing Seasons

Wednesday item of the week in my Etsy Shop!

Pearls and Raindrops
~hand-forged copper and silver earrings~

inspiration: the windy, rainy days of early fall (yesterday was the first really stormy day of the season where I live)

Enter the code "tangleweeds blog" in the message section of your Etsy receipt to receive 30% off these rustic, hand-forged swoop earrings featuring freshwater pearls.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raindrops and Pearls

picture courtesy of this lovely Etsy shop

The weather has taken a turn for the cloudy and windy and very very rainy. It's been a delight to stay at home, all tucked in with four cats and lots of jewelry projects to work on. Last night I tidied up and re-arranged my studio space. (I'll hopefully get around to posting some pics of my workspace either here or on my flickr page sometime soon!) It was needing it, it felt like a spring cleaning, and while it may not be spring it is most definitely time to usher in a new season. . .

The simple act of going through piles of old beads, scraps of this and that: metal, fabrics, buttons, re-arranging the furniture in a more heart-pleasing way put me in a very reflective place. While I don't always feel like I have everything I want (who does anyways?), I do feel very grateful for what I have.

~My adorable cat, Snickers (who turned 13 in July):

~Warm scarves and cozy gloves and tights and socks and all the fun things there are to layer with when it gets cold outside.

handknit scarf from this lovely etsy shop

~This guy (my wonderfully supportive, caring, and understanding partner in life)

Other things I'm grateful for: good strong coffee first thing in the morning,this blog, oh and this one too!, good books to read, like The Hummingbird's Daughter, thrift stores galore, the simple fact that I live in the gorgeous San Francisco bay area, the upcoming holidays, the candy-pink trimmed house across the street from my own, the selby for interesting and inspiring live/work spaces, my own studio space for working on and creating jewelry designs. . .

There's lots more, and I could go on for quite a while, but I'll stop here and leave some for a future post!

Have a lovely day all~

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sparrow Salvage

This lovely lady keeps one of the most visually lush, inspiring blogs I've stumbled across in a long while. Equal parts "tromp through the forest" (and not just any forest, but a forest full of fairies, and friends, and possibility) and "magic in the everyday", it will feed your creative soul. Really feed you, in a substantial way.

She also has an Etsy Shop full of gorgeous, handmade wrist cuffs, broachs made of repurposed fabrics and materials, and earrings fit for an urban queen. I bought a lovely wrist cuff from her store a few months back and I have not been dissapointed. It's a lovely touch to many of my dresses. It is perfect in that raggedy-beautiful way I like my things to be!

I kind of want these earrings for myself one day:

In the meantime I'll have to keep myself happy with regular trolls though her Etsy Shop and cozy readings of her blog.

all images sourced from her Etsy Shop and her blog