Friday, May 6, 2011

A Full Weekend

Tonight I'll be selling my jewelry at the 25th Street Collective along with some other lovely members of the East Bay Arts Collective. The collective is at 477 25th Street in Oakland and we'll be open and having fun from 5:30 to 10pm. Hope to see you there! Support the local, handmade community. There's so much awesomeness to it!

And then this weekend. . . 

Can't wait for the fun to begin!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kelp in the Sea

Wednesday "item of the week" is back! Head on over to my Etsy shop with the coupon code "TangleweedsBlog23" for 30% off this lovely necklace. 

~hand-forged mixed metal necklace~

inspiration: brown-green kelp twisting and bobbing in the ocean's waves ~ dried grass blowing in the breeze on hills

Enter the coupon code "TangleweedsBlog23" at checkout on Etsy to receive 30% off these hand-forged, mixed-metal earrings. Discount applies to this item only, from now until May 10th, 2011.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Let's see, what did I do with all my time on the weekend? Lots! Sometimes I have a harder time remembering what I did yesterday than what I did a month ago. . . 

On Saturday I headed out to Livermore, with Jeff and his son Sean, to see my family for an early mother's day celebration. On Sunday it was mostly a day spent at home working on new jewelry creations for Tangleweeds

dress ~ Pretty Penny (my favorite vintage store)
shoes, belt ~ thrifted
leggings ~ Target

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so I've been gravitating to dresses with movement. And simplicity lately. I find, more and more, that I want to wear what I feel good in, otherwise I'm just wasting energy trying to be comfortable when I'm not that I could be using towards my day.

I always wear my own jewelry. . . I feel like I'm cheating on myself if I don't wear at least one piece I've created! These earrings are my Asymmetrical Brass River Bed Earrings. I love their movement and texture. 

I  snapped these photos super-quick before running off to a work meeting at Peaberry's on Sunday night. Hence the off-focus, sunspots, and all. But I kind of liked how they turned out so I decided to share them with you all!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Item of the Week

What was it that I mentioned in my last post, about my often ignored blog? Sheesh! Well, I thought I'd finally list my Item of the week for all of you. Even though this was supposed to go up on Wednesday. But better late than never! 

 ~hand-forged copper earrings~

inspiration: the tall bamboo that grows in a small forest in my backyard. the thin, willowy branches and trunks stretching up to the sky, the sparrows twittering away the mornings. 

Enter the coupon code "TangleweedsBlog22" at checkout on Etsy to receive 30% off these hand-forged, copper earrings. Discount applies to this item only, from now until May 14th, 2011.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

Tangleweeds Press!

Woo-hoo! I have been lucky enough to be featured in two local publications as of late:

My "Copper Cascade Leaf" earrings were featured in the Diablo Magazine Mother's Day Gift Guide this month. (I still need to pick up a real-life copy from newsstands. Adding that to my to-do list for the week.)

And, of course, you can find them in my Etsy shop now!

Then, on Wednesday, I was pleased to see this article published in the East Bay Express. I was interviewed along with several other locally based entrepreneurs for this article about the use of online tools such as Etsy, Kickstarter, and Facebook as means to starting one's own small business. 

Kathleen Richards, the author of this article simply found me through Etsy. . . Yet another reason I am grateful for the online community Etsy has created. 

Alrighty, back to the workbench. I have many shows to prepare for. . . More details on those soon. Hopefully tomorrow (and hopefully I'll stop ignoring this oft ignored blog!)