Friday, February 3, 2012

Wonders on the Web Round Up

The National Hotel
The National Hotel in Nevada City

I've been wanting to put together some semi-regular posts full of all of the wonderful ephemera I find on the web. Art, other's blogs, handmade items, fashion, astro-stuff, other inspring folks, just things and words and ideas I find that make me stop and go "ahhh, yes," if you know what I mean. I make no promises that this will be a regular weekly post as some weeks I have more time for trolling around on the internet than others. I also thought this would be a nice way to chronicle the interesting things I do find and want to be able to "re-find" in the future. 

Dragons : this post about the year-of-the-dragon by Tamera of Verhext is fantastic. As she says, this year will be about "getting stuff done & jumping into the fray, high energy, mobility, and prosperity."
~ Verhext's posts about Dragons led me to this fantastic "year-in-review" post by the lovely Angeliska. She never ceases to amaze and inspire me. If her life doesn't make you wanna jump up and do something, then I don't know what will!
~ This photoshoot in Test magazine makes me want to go for a romp through the woods. Oh, and this one too!
~ As you saw from yesterday's post, I'm in love with the songs of Lana Del Rey
~ If you love all things southwest in fashion, design, and style, then check out this tumblr, Take me to Turquoise Mountain.
~ I'm a sucker for fashion blogs. If I'm not careful I can waste hours pouring through them. I love these easy outfits put together by Jane of Sea of Shoes.
~ I am fascinated by mixed media jewelry artists, especially this one: Fanciful Devices. I especially love these lightbulb earrings. (Scroll down about 1/2 way through the post to see them.)
~ Another one of my favorite mixed media jewelry artists is Sparrow Salvage. Unfortunately the sparrow who runs this shop was recently in a pretty awful car accident. She is doing okay, but you can check out her blog here. While her Etsy shop may be closed for now I'm sure she's going to be back with many amazing pieces. In the meantime you can enjoy scrolling through her beautiful images on her blog.
~ And lastly, some inspiration for a creative weekend project from Design Sponge. I do have lots of pressed flowers and leaves lurking around in the pages of random books and journals.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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