Monday, February 6, 2012

Style and Reason - (Almost) Three Month Update

So here we are, almost three months into my challenge to not buy any new-to-me wearables, unless they are absolutely necessary, for one whole year.

What have I learned so far? Well, I have learned that I am weak! I have already fallen off the wagon so to speak. I was visiting family over the holidays, in southern California, and had the oppurtunity to
check out some new-to-me thrift spots. Ugh. That was basically asking for trouble. The new shops combined with my desire to stave off some unwanted boredom led to me totally breaking my rules. I won't go into details. You'd never take me seriously again!

But! Right when I was thinking, "oh, phooey, why even try to get back on the wagon?" I read this article: The Truth About my Debt over at Daily Worth. A little voice went off in my head, hmmmm, I thought. I could relate to this idea of entitlement. The idea that yeah, I'm not rich, heck, money's really tight, but I do my best to save and get by, so I must be doing the best I can, right? Wrong!

I know when I have the money to buy something for myself and I know when it's simply a bad idea. The problem for me, with thrift shops, is I usually find at least ten great things at any one shop, and while each individual price is great, it quickly adds up to quite a bit more than I meant to allow myself to spend. One five dollar shirt can quickly become ten five dollar shits if I'm not careful. Spending fifty dollars at a thrift shop on five shirts I don't need is hardly budgeting.

With that said, I'm jumping back on the wagon! I'm still going to continue my weekly Style and Reason posts here, focusing on how I allow myself to have fun with fashion and styling and maintain my monetary commitment to myself. . .


  1. yay! You'll do it. It is hard not to want though. I haven't bought anything for see...i almost tricked myself....i have bought myself a 2nd hand cardy and dress that needs me to alter it. Fashion blogs are a death trap to your wardrobe, i figured that when i stopped doing wardrobe remix, i stopped wanting quite so much. good luck. xx

  2. Teeny,

    I know what you mean. . . so many fashion bogs have become so commercial. The whole reason I started following them and paying attention to them was because I loved to see how normal people with limited resources created awesome and inspiring outfits. I know I should probably edit my fashion blog roll and stop with the constant temptation!