Friday, February 10, 2012

Five Times of Goodness

As I put this wonders on the web post together for you this morning I am besot by frustrating thoughts of the money and time (as in there's never enough time) variety. When I get like this I sort of get immobilized, I can't decide what to do next because I can't do ALL OF IT, so I throw my hands up in the air and go watch Weeds, or something like that. Somehow tho, I'm putting one foot in front of the other this morning and just doing one thing at a time. Fancy that.

But, on to good news, I got my camera back this week. It was sent off to be repaired around the holidays. Now that I have it back I'm going to be snapping many photos of new pieces of jewelry. I'm curating a selection of pieces to go up in my Etsy shop around the beginning of March.

For now, a handful of web goodies for you this morning:

~ A little tutorial on taking great outdoor photos by A Beautiful Mess. Once I started taking my jewelry photos outside they started looking so much better!

~ Because we all need a little pick me up now and then: some great inspirational quotes as art, compiled by another jewelry artist, Jess of Epheriell Designs.

~ This Humble Abode is a lovely little blog put together by Jenny Rinzler, a friend and fellow craft fair seller. I can't believe I only just this week discovered her blog. I can't wait to try out the chai recipe she posted about a couple weeks back.

~ Also just discovered: The Makers photo project. Jennifer Causey. She chronicles, through photos, artists and makers in the Brooklyn area. (With one exception: Blue Bottle coffee here in Oakland!) This is what she has to say (taken from her "About" page): "I am lucky to live in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a place full of energy and creative spirit; located close enough to the lights and frenetic energy of Manhattan to have a big city feel, yet far away enough to give a sense of space and small town community. In this hectic, industrialized modern world, I am constantly seeking handmade and artisan-produced products." Here ye here ye!

~ This Bohemian Homes tumblr is pretty amazing. Wood, and plants, and earthy colors, and tapestries, and quilts, and bed canopies, oh my! This one is probably my favorite. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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