Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Carry All Carry Everywhere

We all need that bag that we can fit EVERYTHING in. You know, your laptop, and extra change of clothes, your camera, your makeup bag. I'm continually on the search for the perfect bag that I'll use for ever. Especially as my life becomes fuller and busier as I mature into adulthood, I sometimes feel like I'm juggling three lives at once. There's the artist, there's the (sort of) step-mom shtick, there's the girlfriend and life partner to Jeff, there's that part of me that hopes to still pursue all of my other creative passions.

These two bags seem like they'd help me sew all those disparate parts together just a bit more efficiently.

This last bag is obviously not the catch-all large bag I showcased above, but it does seem like the perfect bag for all of the craft fairs I sell at throughout the year. I love the femininity of it. It's practical design would allow me to keep my change on me all day, and would be cute enough to wear out in the evening. Yet another way to make life a bit easier but still pretty.

What's your idea of the perfect bag?

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