Monday, February 13, 2012

Red White Pink and Hearts

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! While the holiday has never much excited me, for some reason this year I'm wanting to celebrate, to make heart shaped cookies, don a suitably festive outfit (something flirty and fun, pink and red with black perhaps), give valentines to my friends, not just my honey.

Jeff is dj-ing at Bar 355 in Oakland that night. It's his usual weekly gig at the bar, just so happens to fall on Valentine's day this week. . . We've been brainstorming ways to make it festive without spending a fortune. His job is with the music, mine will be with the decor, and possibly some sweet treats. While I'm feeling the itch to celebrate, I'm wanting to do so in a less conventional way.

And while I am absolutely tempted to rush out and purchase something new (new but thrifted most likely) to wear on Tuesday evening, I am remaining strong, attempting to push my creativity with my exisitng wardrobe. . .

From this inspiration. . .

The beautiful Ashley of Fancy Fine

a sweet little print from ExLibris Journals

red botanical photographic print from Catherine Jeltes of Gallery Zoo Art


ruffles, pink, red, white
black velvet (the skirt is velvet)
pardon the i-phone photos. I was getting all geared up to take these photos with my camera fresh back from the repair shop when I realized my memory cards are all at my work studio, a half hour drive away in Berkeley. . . so, for now, the old i-phone will have to suffice.

And maybe this here jewelry artist will even paint her nails. Shocking. It will last approx. 24 hours before it starts to chip.
What will you be doing on Valentine's Day?

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