Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Mindfully

Oakland. You are beautiful. I went down to 14th and Broadway today and saw the encampments for the first time. I listened to Angela Davis give a moving speech. I walked around and saw so much sharing and giving and compassion. I was moved to tears. A random lady said I looked beautiful today as she bustled about with supplies for the occupiers. I am humbled and awed by the dedication of these people. Our world has come to a place where and when we need this: we need to find ways back to a more egalitarian society.

After leaving this sacred space I went on my way to my Berkeley jewelry studio. Back to my work. I will work today. I will work for myself as I have done for the last seven years of my life. I am infinitely proud of what I do, but at times the amount of strain and stress, the discouragement from a society that doesn't "get it" can become almost too much.

So, Oakland, this is what I say to you: You have re-charged this working artist's batteries. You have reminded me of why I do what I do. I make decisions everyday to stay committed to a way of life that hasn't been spoon-fed to me: supporting local and businesses who operate with integrity, biking and walking places as much as I can, sharing what wealth I do have to offer with the people around me. But I will stop there. I do not want to turn this into a laundry list of all of the things I do to make this a better planet. Because I could be doing so much more. Oakland, you've given me the extra "oomph" to keep striving in this direction.

Thank you thank you thank you.