Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day

My day. . . 
flowers when I came home from running some errands

 Corralling the cats in the upstairs part of the house. (Jeff is printing posters today. We don't want little kitty paws traipsing over wet ink on posters as they dry!) Otis isn't too pleased!

 More gifts: this lovely book that I've wanted ever since I heard the author interviewed on Herbal Highway.

 caterpillar in the backyard

 blush silk and rainbow moonstone. new earrings (these ones are for me!) and lace edged-cardigan.

Otis, again. Usually he's the harder of the two to get good photos of, but today he was being quite debonair. Don't worry, Arlo is doing just fine. (But he's a bit grouchy about this weather.)

Happy Valentine's day to all!

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