Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wear this sweater a lot

I'm wearing. . . 
layers and jewelry! My standard for getting dressed.
skirt, cami ~ thrifted
tights ~ Hue
boots ~ Ross
cardi ~ Modcloth
sunglasses ~ Flashbacks (it's like a cross between a vintage store and a Crossroads and it's in SoCal)
necklace ~ made by me
earrings ~ gift from a customer at Peaberry's
bangles ~ thrifted

It has been a busy busy day! So many errands. I can't complain tho, I do it to myself intentionally. I'd rather have one marathon day of errand running once a week (or once every other week) than a few every day. 

Back to the rest of my evening. I'm making a giant batch of carrot-fennel soup tonight. Half for eating right away and half for freezing. 

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