Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Trails

This month is turning out to be fiery and full! I can't believe how many of my days are already spoken for: craft fairs, birthdays (including mine!), work, fun, dates with friends, dates with Jeff (but not enough), part-time jobs (CH Good stock on Thursdays, assisting at an after school art class on Tuesdays), pilates, and time to take care of myself (not to be forgotten.) Throw in feeling more and more like a bona-fide "step-mom" these days and my days run from 6 am to late (but not late by many people's standards) pretty quickly.

some earrings for an Etsy order this week

Oh, where am I going with this, you ask? 

To this point: I'm kind of tired of blogging in the style I've been blogging. I'm not trying to be a trend-setter or a taste-maker. I'm not trying to make sponsors happy. When I started my blog (wait, I have to check) three years ago (yesterday!) what I really wanted was a place to tell stories and share the creative work that was currently happening in my life. 

mystic lady necklace ~ there's been a lot of experimentation going on in the Tangleweeds studio lately

I realized quickly that telling stories took time. Telling stories and including awesome photos takes even longer. But I quickly became overly concerned with posting here as often as possible. Recently, I even came up with a schedule for myself: Style and Reason Mondays, Etsy Trio Tuesdays, and so on and so forth. 

new leather-feather earring designs

At first, keeping my blog simply "active" gave me some satisfaction. Until I realized I was dreading everyday when I needed to sit down and draft my next blog posts. This is what I want (and I hope what some of my readers will enjoy): to blog less often but more meaningfully. To share pictures of my works-in-progress with all of you, the stories behind them, to share more of my life. I may offend some people, but I'm gonna try to not worry about that too much seeing as I think I already worry about that too much =). 

kitty whiskers - a close-up of my studio kitty mr. "little kitty."

As I venture forth on this experiment, I'll also share my creative experiments with you. Of late I've been itching to branch out a bit with Tangleweeds. Try some new things. Take some classes, gain some new skills. In the past I've often taken a leaning towards mixed media and altered art jewelry. Some of my new work will most likely fall into these categories. 

new earrings featuring my own scavenged bits of sea glass

The older I get the more I want true intention to infuse what I do. I think when I was young if something didn't feel right, but I felt like I "ought" to be doing it, I was more apt to stick with it. But that way of living a life takes little pieces of one away from oneself and over the years it adds up to something big. Yes, at this point I'm speaking about more than just blogging, I am, in a way, touching on my bigger reasons for pursuing this "working and supporting myself as an artist" gig. 

But that is a tale for another time. Maybe a three-parter. It's a long tale =)


  1. I'm excited to see more of your experiments! and for more story time!

  2. Thanks Alice =). Its been nice to see you back at the blogging scene as well!