Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My life has been moving

My life has literally been all about moving for the last month. First there was packing up my place and finding a roommate to replace me and then actually moving all of my things to Jeff's and my new place. And then, two weeks later, there was the packing and moving of Jeff's place to our new place. There have been endless hauls of heavy furniture and boxes up steep steps and through narrow hallways, the sorting and putting away of things in the new place, paint shopping, more sorting and organizing. . . and so on and so forth. I feel extraordinarily lucky to be in this new place, starting this new way of creating a family. But through all the stress of moving it's too easy to loose sight of the little pleasures in life.

When times get like this I have a tendency to find myself writing more and not less (granted, the writing has not been done around these parts, I've been pretty absent from my little blog, granted). I found myself making a list of highlights from my week, last week and thought I might share them here. This might even become a regular "installment" 'round here if I can pull my blogging butt together. It speaks to me in a certain way - I like the ritual of taking the time on a regular basis to sit back and reflect on recent days, the good the bad, the sordid. . . but I think I'll just share the good here and save the bad for the pages of my journal.

For now, this post will have to be sans pictures, but hopefully the next one will be a bit more colorful.
~Highlights from last week~
~ Going for a walk in our new neighborhood with Jeff and Sean. Meeting the neighborhood cats and walking the steep pedestrian walkways.
~ Dancing to the "Hey Mikey You're So Fine" song with Jeff at a friend's going away party
~ Sitting on the couch in our living room in your new place, at night, simply listening to the crickets and frogs outside. (There's A LOT of them because we live very close to a small creek.)
~ Planting nasturtium seedlings in our side yard, getting my fingers in the dirt.

As life slowly comes back to a more centered place and more and more pieces of my life come back out of boxes I'm hoping to find the time to post here regularly again. . .


  1. Good luck with your new beginnings, I hope it brings everything you wish for and more. (sorry to sound so hallmark)