Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day in the Sun

The Rockridge Street Fair ended up being a huge success! Lots of friends stopped by and hung out for a while as well as customers from the local coffee shop I work at. It was great feeling supported and complimented in so many ways!

I spent a lot of time prepping for this fair. Usually I do shows where all I need to set up is one or two tables, but at this fair I was going to have a whole 10x10 foot booth. I wanted to create a certain feeling, I wanted people to feel like they were stepping into a little world full of delightful things to look at and buy. . .

One of my tables. Old frames, a small shelf that was a hideous shade of yellow that I repainted and a re-fashioned medicine cabinet (on the right).


The feather earrings on the far left and the necklace on the right both sold.

Here, I took old frames and removed the glass and cardboard. Then I stretched black fabric along the back and simply used push pins to secure it. These make a great display for my circle necklaces.

Another view of the medicine cabinet I re-purposed. For those of you who live in the San Francisco East Bay, I purchased this old medicine cabinet at Urban Ore, in Berkeley. It's a great place for finding old furniture, frames, electrical stuff, and so much more. It's a scavengers/foragers delight!

Taking pictures of my booth at the fair really helps me to look back and see how I might like to do things differently next time, small changes I want to make. Overall though, I'm very happy with how my booth came together!

Thanks to all who stopped by and showed their support for local, hand-crafted work. I hope to see many more at the next fair!

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  1. I love it! i would have wanted to stay and sit down in there.