Saturday, September 18, 2010

My jewelry is off to Portland!

For all of you fine customers residing in the Portland area, you can now find my jewelry at Paseo Artisans in the Nob Hill neighborhood. Available are lots of turquoise and mixed metals: copper and brass and a few sterling silver pieces as well. The owner, Sarah Bistue, offers a lovely selection of handmade jewelry and textiles from both South America, and the states.

Below is an excerpt taken from the Paseo Artisans website. I thought it pretty eloquently told the story of the beginnings of Sarah's shop:

"Paseo is the product of a chance meeting and a trip to South America. In 2004, Sarah, the owner of Paseo, met her husband, Germán, who is originally from Argentina. After getting to know his family and learning about his culture, they made a trip to Argentina. After meeting his extended family and friends, being embraced by the warm and welcoming Argentine culture and discovering a bounty of beautiful, artisan-made crafts, Sarah set out to bring a bit of that magic to the residents of her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

. . . Paseo offers handmade, natural-fiber, artisan-crafted clothing, jewelry, art and textiles from South America. We work both directly with artisans and with organizations whose mission it is to assist artisans in the growth of their businesses. From soft, warm, hypoallergenic alpaca fiber clothing to jewelry crafted with copper, stone and silver, Paseo offers a variety of goods that are all at once chic, unique, comfortable and supporting individual artisans."

Lastly, I've included a few of the lovely items you can find in her shop or on her shop's website.

Pine Needle Basket from Nicaragua

Hand-Embroidered Cotton Blouse from Mexico

Basket Weave Sterling Cuff

Thanks for taking an interest in my work, Sarah!

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