Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arlo and Otis

Meet the two new additions to our home: Arlo and Otis!

Jeff and I went to the Oakland SPCA last Wednesday figuring we'd probably leave with a cat that very day. Knowing me, I easily become attached to animals, cats especially, and didn't anticipate having a difficult time making up my mind. Which is exactly what happened. . .

When we showed up to the shelter on Wednesday, these two guys, (formerly named Pete and Mr.Spiffy) were out and about roaming in one of the cat rooms. They were the first two cats we saw. Our original intention was to get just one cat, but the more we looked the more that resolve started to crumble. It seemed that all the cats I wanted to take home came in pairs. . .

After talking it over we decided that coming home with two cats would be fine (the negotiations had mostly to do with the kids and the fact that they would only get to pick out one cat instead of two later, to add to the family). But still we couldn't decide. There was this cute cat named Nilla, she was five years old, all white, short-haired, and only had one eye. There was this cute duo of cats, one was all black and named Diesel, the other was a grey tortie named Petunia, but they were very shy and that concerned us with the kids.

So we went home and slept on it, so to speak. I found myself mostly thinking about Pete and Mr.Spiffy and by mid-morning the next day I had pretty much decided that I really wanted to adopt these two. Jeff and I talked about it and decided to go back to the shelter and bring them home the same day.

And so we did! These two are fantastic and have made themselves at home rather quickly. Arlo, the orange-ginger tabby, is by far the more outgoing one. And a big goof-ball! He's climbed in the fireplace, plays with cheerios, and just overall acts pretty goofy 90% of the time. Otis is more quiet and keeps to himself. He loves to lay on the bed with his brother or Jeff or me and "make muffins" while purring loudly. He's a bit more difficult to get pictures of, but I promise there will be more of him (and Arlo) soon!


  1. I just saw these guys in your flickr stream. They look so at home already! I think you made a great choice.

  2. Yes, they are indeed making themselves right at home!