Monday, November 16, 2009

Dasher and Donner

I was just putzing around, kind of dragging my feet on finishing the editing work on some new jewelry photos when I decided to check in on my shop. Really, there is nothing nicer than to take a break from work only to find out you're featured in one of the Etsy holiday gift guides! You can go check it out here (and get an early start on your Christmas shopping!)

My morale's been a bit low lately, there's been a big dose of "oh, why am I doing any of this, why don't i just get a real job already, have a small bit of financial security for once in my life" sorts of thoughts going through my head. I do this work because I love it, I do it for a lot of reasons. But sometimes the love for it seems like it might not be enough. . . I'm afraid that's possibly gonna out me as an artistic phoney, but it's true. It's moments like these, when the money's tight and I'm not sure how I'm gonna pay rent next, and I've just spent the last 24 hours alone at home working, with only the cats to talk to, it's moments like these when finding out that I'm featured in an Etsy gift guide can really brighten my mood.

Here's a small sampling of the other lovelies featured alongside me:

Ochre Earrings

Semicircle Hoops

Fanciful Forest Necklace

Well, time for dinner now and then back to work for me. Off to San Jose tomorrow to see my sister and this adorable guy (my nephew):

Good night!


  1. Thoughts like these don't make you look like an artistic phoney- they make you look more authentic! It shows like most every other artist in history you struggle with adapting what you love into real life. It's not easy trying to get passion to pay the bills, and every now and then it feels too hard. Sometimes (many sometimes) I think it would be easier being normal -and it would- but it would never be as wonderful.

    And yay for gift guide validation!

    ps- I wore the earrings I bought from you today, they always make me feel so calm and beautiful. So there's a bit more chin-up for you, all these people all over the world that put your jewelry on and feel something wonderful. :)

  2. darnit, i didn't see this comment until today! obviously, I'm still getting used to this whole blogging thing! thanks for the words of encouragement. and i'm incredibly pleased that you like your new earrings =)