Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raindrops and Pearls

picture courtesy of this lovely Etsy shop

The weather has taken a turn for the cloudy and windy and very very rainy. It's been a delight to stay at home, all tucked in with four cats and lots of jewelry projects to work on. Last night I tidied up and re-arranged my studio space. (I'll hopefully get around to posting some pics of my workspace either here or on my flickr page sometime soon!) It was needing it, it felt like a spring cleaning, and while it may not be spring it is most definitely time to usher in a new season. . .

The simple act of going through piles of old beads, scraps of this and that: metal, fabrics, buttons, re-arranging the furniture in a more heart-pleasing way put me in a very reflective place. While I don't always feel like I have everything I want (who does anyways?), I do feel very grateful for what I have.

~My adorable cat, Snickers (who turned 13 in July):

~Warm scarves and cozy gloves and tights and socks and all the fun things there are to layer with when it gets cold outside.

handknit scarf from this lovely etsy shop

~This guy (my wonderfully supportive, caring, and understanding partner in life)

Other things I'm grateful for: good strong coffee first thing in the morning,this blog, oh and this one too!, good books to read, like The Hummingbird's Daughter, thrift stores galore, the simple fact that I live in the gorgeous San Francisco bay area, the upcoming holidays, the candy-pink trimmed house across the street from my own, the selby for interesting and inspiring live/work spaces, my own studio space for working on and creating jewelry designs. . .

There's lots more, and I could go on for quite a while, but I'll stop here and leave some for a future post!

Have a lovely day all~


  1. Your very beautiful I hope to always introduced and I hope to visit my blog and my blog, but in Arabic, but you can change the language, thank you

  2. Thank You very much for featuring my photo! :) I'm very glad you like them all!

  3. agnieszka: of course! your photos are lovely!