Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

Last weekend some members form the SF Etsy team got together for a little "behind the scenes" meeting with five lovely creatures: a porcupine, an owl, a frog, a snake, and a parrot. We were there to sketch and take photos of these animals for inspiration for art work for a 2013 calendar that will be available through Weave. I'll post more info about my piece here once it's completed!

(that's me in the front row, with the peach colored shirt on, and Jeff to the right of me, right behind the owl, Archimedes)

That's Archimedes, the Great Horned Owl above, and a quick sketch of mine of the porcupine, Sassafras, below. 

After we finished up with our visit with the animals, Jeff and I walked around the zoo, enjoying the mild weather and all of the amazing animals. We were also privy to a pretty amazing sunset. 

getting goofy with one of the "photo ops"

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend (both this one and the last!) I'm currently hanging with the family and trying to wrap up a few lose-work-ends before my work week starts. Oh, also, in other non-essential news, I made the best brownies this weekend. Try this recipe if you like fudgey brownies. They were delightful! They were for my dad's birthday. Happy birthday dad! 

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