Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making time to Grow some things

The gardening bug has really bit me this year. In between moving my studio, keeping up on jewelry orders, and working on some relationship stuff, I've been making more and more time to garden lately. It's been pretty blissful.

The above is a shot of one of my tomato plants. I'm doing a lot of container gardening as the home that Jeff and I rent doesn't have a lot of available space to garden. We have a front (very small) and back yard, but the land lady put in a bunch of plants a long time ago that she doesn't want removed.

But! I have found a small little patch in our backyard that was really just filled with weeds. I'm working the soil to break it up. I need to get a couple bags of bumper crop too tho, 'cause this soil seems pretty poor. Whenever I plant things in the actual ground they don't fair nearly as well as my container plants. 

It's funny how you can wish and wish and wish you had time to do something and then eventually the urge and desire to do it just become so strong that life makes room for you.  


  1. plants rule! how about hanging plants or window boxes? there's always room for more plants!

  2. hanging plants, yes! window boxes maybe down the line. =) Is this Kenya Victoria?

  3. K, I just went to your blog! Good to see you here =)