Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers, Beautiful Gems, Full Weekends, Preparing

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently moved my studio space from West Berkeley to Jack London Square in Oakland. The former space, while lovely and peaceful (it was actually a space in a friend's home) was difficult to get to at times what with bay area traffic and all. The new space is a hop skip and a jump from where I live. I'm looking forward to the added convenience in so many ways!

But, I am feeling a bit wistful about not working in Berkeley any longer. I always highly enjoyed my afternoon walks to the post office or the coffee shop.

Berkeley gardens are so gorgeous.

California poppies and nigella (also known as "love-in-a-mist")

Also, on Saturday my folks and I got together to have a late mother's day/early father's day celebration. Of the many things we did, my mom and I both went to Baubles and Beads in Berkeley to stock up on jewelry makin' supplies. (My mom does bead work.) I acquired these gorgeous amethyst gems and can't wait to turn them into funky and unique necklaces. They'll be some simple-classy ones too!

brass beads

lapis, pyrite, and African trade beads

Tangleweeds earrings at CH Good Stock

This guy spends many a morning sitting in my lap while I'm catching up on emails or drafting blog posts. (He sat in my lap while I drafted this post!)

my table at the most recent A Fair to Remember

This fabulous fair is coming up soon on the Tangleweeds calendar. Maybe I'll see you there!

Well, there you have it. A brief wrap-up of my life this last weekend/week. I'm busily catching up on emails and Etsy orders today, so if you're waiting for a response from me you can expect to receive one today!

Well, I better get to it!

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