Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashion Obsession since Forever Ago

I've been obsessed with fashion since. . . well, since as long as I can remember. But I was raised by parents with a very utilitarian take on getting dressed. They hardly consider fashion something worth wasting one's time on. Which, I completely understand. Over the years though, I have figured out what fashion is for me, how I value it, how I choose to pursue it. While I am the first one to admit that I love to flip through the most recent issue of Vogue or Elle, most of my influences come from my peers and those I see on the streets (and in street style blogs.) My style is fairly feminine, with a strong 60s-70s edge. I love long skirts, layers, big jewelry.

But lately (ahh, you knew there was gonna be a "but" didn't you?) I am finding that the way I love to dress is not exactly meeting my daily needs. I think my lifestyle has changed a bit while my preferred mode of dressing hasn't quite kept up. . . How shall I explain this? My weekdays are primarily spent working at my new studio space. My weekends are often spent either one: at a craft fair, two: catching up on un-glamorous chores and things like gardening or three: (but more rarely) traversing flea markets, hanging out with friends, but mostly, keeping it casual and comfortable.

Basically, I'm finding the distinct urge to scale back on the dressing drama. I want to be able to get up in the morning and get out of the house within an hour (that includes eating breakfast, watering any plants that are thirsty, taking care of my cats, packing a lunch, not an hour on my attire, just to be clear.) I found myself thinking this the other day: "The sexiest women I see on the streets are the ones who know how to dress to meet their life's needs and then dress as well as they can."

So, what am I saying? I'm saying that I'm finding myself more and more attracted to more practical things. Shoes with low and supportive heels, well made jeans that are made to last, practical purses that can carry a lot but aren't so large I'd loose things in it.

Like these clogs, discovered courtesy of Cali Vintage, from No.6. I love the color, I love that there's a sling back to keep them firmly on. And I love that the wedge isn't too high. I feel like these could easily be worn any time of the year (at least in the bay area).

My other recent obsession? Finding the perfect high-waisted, two piece bikini for summer swimming. Once again, I'm being patient and trying to find just what I want instead of the cheapest thing that'll probably fall apart after two summers (if not sooner.) There's so much to love about all of Mara Hoffman's styles. Especially this one:

For now tho, I'm saving my pennies and working with what I have. I wanna take a day or two to go through my wardrobe and pick out the things that are still really working and figure out where my "fashion" holes are. Most importantly tho, I think I'm moving more towards carefully selecting items that I feel strongly about. Doesn't mean I won't hop in my car, head out to the suburbs, and stock up on bags and bags of thrifted goodies every now and then. No, I just think I'm ready to invest a bit more in the pieces that really matter.

And hey, any suggestions from you guys on your most favorite brand of jeans? Leave a little note for me in the comments, if you have the time!

Fashion: also known as juggling vanity with real life? Maybe. . .

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