Friday, August 19, 2011

Gorgeous and Green

About a week ago I had the great privilege of dropping off a lovely selection of jewelry at Gorgeous and Green, a stunningly beautiful shop located on San Pablo avenue in Berkeley. The owner of the shop, Pilar, and I collaborated on choosing a selection of pieces that. It made for a lovely mix of rustic and delicate.

Pieces like this one:

But I also wanted to tell you about the other great items that can be procured from Pilar's shop. 

Like By Nieves' skincare. Locally made and totally natural and AWESOME for your skin. I use the "C" Perfect Skin everyday and think it's amazing!

And a stunning assortment of organically grown flowers. Did I mention Pilar is also a florist? She creates stunning floral arrangements for weddings and restaurants.

Stop on by the shop at 2524 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley and you're sure to find a special something for yourself or someone else!

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