Monday, August 22, 2011

The Eel River

This last week I scooted off to the woods with my boyfriend and his son. It was a much needed respite from work, and the regular 'ol routine of life where it always seems like there's twenty different things needing to be done all at once. 

We stopped at this goofy little rest stop/convenience shop along 101 on Friday. All of the buildings, including the bathroom, were painted in these sort of New-Agey motifs. 

Meals and campfires. . . 


The trip went by really really fast, but I'll say that's usually the case when kids are involved! You have yourself and this other being to take care of, and that makes the minutes and hours fly by. But it was relaxing in that way that only camping trips can be: little to do but swim, read, write, sketch, eat, and hike. 

And getting away for a bit always gets me super excited to get back to making more jewelry. . .