Friday, August 12, 2011


Just a few goings-ons in my Tangleweeds universe that I wanted to share with all of you!

Last week I was interviewed by the lovely ladies of Clay, Wood & Cotton, a shop in New York that carries a hand-picked selection of my jewelry. You can catch the interview on their blog here:

Tomorrow I'll be vending at this local arts and crafts gathering in Berkeley. Stop on by 3192 Adeline Street and say hi! You can click on the flier below for more info on this arts collective.

Then, next week while I'll be away camping, the local Etsy Team that I'm a member and leader of, will  be having an arts and crafts fair, in Oakland. It should be a lovely event! I'm definitely disappointed that I won't be there to enjoy the wonderful company and grab a handmade goodie or two for myself!

I'm starting to get a teensy bit nervous about this whole quitting my "day job" thing. But I know it's the right thing to be doing! I know there's no going back from here, that once I get a taste of working for myself and only for myself I'll want it no other way for as long as I live!


  1. So awesome Jeanine! You'll probably be happier than you've ever been! good luck.

  2. Thanks, Tina! You're probably totally right too!