Sunday, July 3, 2011

Walks Around Berkeley

I never seem to be able to keep up with internet time - as in "if it's not posted within 24 hours of it happening then it's not relevant" time. Honestly, I think I may just give up on it all together and just continue to post my goings-ons as I can, as my "real life time" allows for. I could just pretend that these photos are from yesterday. . . but those of you clever enough would recognize the blossoming trees as early spring. 

These photos are from April 2nd. It was one of those days when Jeff and I had little work (at least little work that needed to be accomplished that day). We decided we wanted to go for a walk and enjoy the summer-like weather we were having at the time. 

So we filled up a bag with some snacks and hoped in the car and headed over to the Berkeley campus. It's a beautiful campus to walk through. This particular Saturday it was pretty quiet (I think it may have been spring break for Cal students, but I'm not sure.) 

the Berkeley Campanile

We took the elevator to the top of the Berkeley Campanile as well, something I had never done before.  The view was lovely. It was easily 10 degrees colder up there too! 

Walking is my absolute favorite mode of transportation. It frustrates me when life gets so chaotic and busy that I feel like I don't have the time to walk places. 

I have found that if I plan my errands and my week carefully I can maximize walking and riding my bike  as opposed to jumping in the car. It's all about maintaining a balance in my life that is dynamic rather than static. And quiet, reflective days like this one help to keep things in perspective. 

picture-perfect bridge and stairway

It was a lovely stroll that ended with beers and pizza at, Jupiter, one of our favorite spots in Berkeley.