Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just Words

Just a few words tonight.

Lately, whenever I have a few spares moments (as in seconds!) I find myself thinking about how I should be using those seconds as wisely as possible. This here 'ol blog, oft neglected, pops into my head at these moments of "free time." Mostly the thoughts are tinged with guilt. I know I don't put much time or energy into it, and mostly it's because I'm always having to prioritize, and this blog is often on the bottom of the priority list.

But! And this is a big but, I am quitting my job at Peaberry's as of August 31st, and finally diving into working only for myself full-time. With this transition, I hope to get more serious about some of the sides of Tangleweeds that I have yet to flesh out, and this blog is one of them. It's also kind of a last-ditch attempt to make this blog work. . .

So, if all goes according to planned, in the next few months you can expect to see this blog becoming more active, with more in depth posts covering a wider range of topics than I've had yet to cover. Hopefully a little blog makeover will be in the works as well. I just really want this here blog to work out. I have plans. BIG plans =).


  1. Congratulations Jeannine on your leap this August 31st. I wish you all of the very very best!!!



  2. Thanks so much you guys! I'm nervous and a bit scared, but I think that's all pretty normal =)