Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Earrings

When Jeff and I were in Austin, and especially when we were at Renegade, I just had to pick up some goodies handmade by other artists. These earrings were one of my lucky finds, made by Lacey Dupre of LaceyDu

They're made of nutria fur. The nutria is a little creature that lives in the coastal wetlands area, including Louisiana, where Lacey is from. The nutria is not native to the area (they were brought over by the British, I believe) and when a bunch of nutria move in to a wetland area, they descimate it. Population control measures are taken to keep the species down, and protect our wetlands. I realize this is a controversial topic for many people, the "population control" of non-native animal species. If your opinions ere on the negative side of the debate, feel free to leave a comment. Simply be polite and constructive with your words. And, thanks!

Now back to what I wore with these lovely earrings. . .

outfit details:
pants: from that little vintage spot in the Cotton Basics shop on College avenue
shoes, purse, belt: thrifted
tank: Mars Vintage
necklace: Tangleweeds
earrings: Lacey Du

Lazy Sunday around my home. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday as well!


  1. Those pants are the bees knees, if I saw you in the street...i would think...that girl is cool! I know my comment sounds lame, but I can't get my words together, i've just come back from a run.

  2. Fabulous! Your outfit looks great with the fur; warm delicious colors! Thank you for featuring my earrings!! And just to add a bit for the benefit of your readers: I was vegetarian for a very long time and the Nutria are being erradicated regardless, in this way, we are preventing their beautiful fur from being wasted and also preventing further coastal erosion and degradation. Thanks again!!!

  3. Tina,
    Thanks =) I know what you mean about not being able to put words together sometimes! I have days like that often.

    Thanks for more input on the fur. I am completely in support of what you're doing, I just know that some people may have questions. I adore your work!