Monday, June 6, 2011

Bathing Suit Weather

K, so it's not exactly been bathing suit weather here in the San Fran bay area the last couple of weeks. But Jeff and I just got back, on the 2nd, form our trip to Austin, and wowowowo! was it hot and humid there. We definitely made time to go swimming. Skirts with sandals were my wardrobe the whole time we were there. . .

(also I will have photos SOON of said trip. My camera decided to poop out on this trip, so Jeff was are sole picture taker. I just gotta steal the photos from him =)

I had taken an old bathing suit of mine, which I discovered, did not fit so well anymore. Well enough, but the top was not as, ahem, generous as I would have preferred. It's now become my quest to find the perfect two-piece, retro-style bathing suit.

These ones, to the left, I actually found while thumbing through a Lucky magazine, during one of our massive 10-hour driving days. They're from Marysia. I love the seashell hues, plus I think they'd look great on a woman with hips (like me.) I also like the extra support on top. I'm past even wanting to wear one of those tiny triangle bikini tops!

For elegant-chic, I found this one, on the Sirene website:

And then this one! I found this one on Need Supply (I may be the last of my friends to have discovered this treasure trove of an online shopping venue.) I'm finding myself drawn to these two-piece strapless styles, but, the big question, do they offer enough support? 

Basically, I think I'm going to throw the money down and buy something new. I want to have the option of returning it, mainly. A bathing suit is just something you have to be picky about the fit, and so far I've had very little luck finding anything vintage that fits right. 

Oh, and this site, Sanoii+Six. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I love this blush-colored one. And pink's a good color on me. . . Oh, the decisions!

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