Thursday, October 7, 2010

Animals and Bones

Today for my Thursday Etsy feature I thought I'd showcase the work of a good friend of mine. She has recently opened her Etsy shop, Marin Camille.

hand-embroidered on calico, antique frame. 10''x12''

I became acquainted with her work at an art opening she had at Fivepoints Arthouse in San Francisco. Marin hand-embroiders her own designs on vintage fabrics and then picks the most perfect frames to accent her work.


little pelvic bone

walrus skull

I love the subjects she chooses to portray, the animal bones, the full bird skeletons. The choices of fabric and frames ads a strange elegance to the whole piece. Recently, my boyfriend and I were sitting around talking about some more things we need for our new home, and we both decided that a trio of Marin's pieces are in order for a particular spot in your hallway.


Marin does have a show coming up soon, which I do believe will be held at the fabulous vintage store, Pretty Penny in Oakland on College Ave. She'll be introducing some new work. . . but I'll leave the nature of it a surprise. When I know details about the show I'll be posting them here and on my facebook page as well.

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