Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ironing, Jewelry, and Cats

Just a normal day around the house. . .

The jewelry bench. . . (it's never very tidy!)

Okay, back to work! I'm super buys these days getting ready for a slew of arts and crafts fairs I have lined up for this summer. The first to come is the Temescal Street Fair on June 6th. More details coming soon!


  1. hahaha i see a glass of wine next to the ironing...i would not be so brave to iron and wine at the same time my friend. What a pretty face that kitty has! I'm off to your shop to buy a gift for our Aunty. Yippeeeee!

  2. I just saw your order! It will be sent out soon soon! It's always a pleasure to see you around here.