Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy weeks

My weekend was lovely lovely. Jeff and I took some time on Sunday, just for the two of us. We started the day off at the farmer's market where we picked up delicious goodies like smoked salmon, strawberries, a baguette, and mixed greens (complete with nasturtium blossoms!) to take with us to Marin. We went for a lovely hike at China Camp (I had never been there before).

Lucky us, we saw a pair of mallard ducks and their baby. So freakin' adorable! Also sighted: a slew of lizards, some sort of small black snake with an orange-ish ring around it's neck, a few snowy egrets, a hawk, many crows and vultures, and a colorful bounty of wildflowers.

But now that the weekend is gone, I'm really trying to focus and buckle down to work. I have a pretty busy show season this summer and I'm starting to see all of the places I'm lacking. Do I have enough inventory? How does my display really look? Should I stock up on more packaging materials? So, instead of freaking out I'm trying to simple buckle down and get to the work now, before the time has all flown away. I'm trying to embody the balance I spoke of back in my post about Calistoga. I just feel better when I live my life balanced.

All these busy days have called for comfy outfits that are also bike friendly, since most of my errands are run by bike! See more at Wardrobe Remix.

Well, that's all for now. Back to work!


  1. So comfy, and so cute too. Man, maybe you can motivate me to work more too!

  2. Sometimes I need someone else to motivate me! I totally understand!