Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Spring/Summer Line

My new spring/summer '10 line is slowly unveiling itself in my Etsy shop. It features lots of rustic, oxidized and aged metals, chain, and feathers all splashed with a good dose of *whimsy*.

I have a good friend who has had many pet birds in her lifetime: parrots, cockatiels, cockatoos, ducks, pigeons and so many more! She collects the feathers from these birds, as they naturally fall off throughout the birds lifetime, and saves them for future art projects (she is a painter and mixed media artist). Recently she let me pour through her carefully preserved selection and pick some out for use in my jewelry. These earrings are just one of the many pieces of jewelry I created with my lucky findings!

All of the pieces I will be unveiling in my spring/summer 2010 line that incorporate feathers will be one-of-a-kind designs, since the feathers themselves are all so unique (and beautiful!).

Stop by my shop to pick up a piece of nature just for you!

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