Friday, March 5, 2010

New Discovery

Just yesterday I was perrusing the vintage wares on Etsy and stumbled across Adelaide's Homesewn. This picture perfect shop is owned by one Maria Elizabeth Casteel and run out of Kansas City.

One of the hazards of selling on Etsy is the constant temptation to spend all of one's hard-earned cash on the many wonderful delights to be found in other sellers' shops! Adelaide's Homesewn has become my newest temptation.

While she carries a divine selection of vintage goodies, I find her dress selection to be superb! This dress, is a favorite of mine. Below is a small sampling of some of her other vintage attire, available NOW!

She also has a section called Ask Me Anything!. Name your price on anything in that section and she might accept it! (But she also reserves the right to turn it down.) Clever idea, if you ask me! Adelaide's Homesewn

(all images are from Adelaide's Homesewn shop)

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