Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Moon Monday

So, yes, as stated in my last post I have been quite remiss at regular blog posts. . . I always seem to start the year out bound and determined to regularly post here. And I start out that way because I always have one hundred and one things that I want to blog about. That hasn't changed, if anything I now have one thousand and one things to blog about! 

But, as the year wears on and my schedule quickly fills up with craft fairs and large jewelry orders, I find myself relegating the blog to a fairly low priority. 

Today I simply wanted to share with you some "moon phase" pieces I've been working on. They're not perfect, but I'm so happy about them, I wanted to share them now! These pieces have me thinking about the possibility of getting into some torch-fired enamel work. Which would be a new direction for me, but a consideration going into the new year when I'll have a bit of time to experiment with new techniques. 

Without getting too esoteric about it (nor am I an expert on this matter) the full moon is a wonderful time for "full" energy. The kind of energy that births new ideas and new paths. And I'm thinking it may be birthing in me a new direction with this blog, one that fulfills me creatively. . . 

I make no promises, as I do believe I've said many a times that I was gonna ramp up this here 'ol blog only for it to go pretty quiet for months on end. But, I'm just sayin' I'm thinking quite a bit about some series for the blog and a blog makeover.

So, thanks full moon for giving me the energy and the excitement to dream about change and dream about, well dreams!

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