Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dress Up Time

Etsy Trio Tuesday is back! I thought I'd play dress up today without a worry or care about price or affordability. . . Because I'm on a budget, people! So I will lust and share these goodies with you and hope that they find a lovely home in someone else's arms. Here's my ideal outfit for a day full of adventure, finishing off with cocktails with friends in a dimly lit bar. . .

I can't get enough of the drama of this dress. The colors, the draping, the back! Oh-la-la! It's from the lush and lavish Etsy shop Boudoir Queen.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love to shop for jewelry, especially because I am a jewelry maker myself. I love to find designs that make me think "I never would have thought of that!" And I love to wear other jewelry maker's designs and gush about how much I love their work when others ask. This necklace would be quite easy to gush about. By Under A New Light.

I absolutely adore all of the bags in this shop. They're made from vintage and reclaimed materials, with classic styling and design to make them perfect for a lifetime! And I think the rusty orange colors would coordinate lovely with the dress I picked out above.

And at the last minute I realize I didn't pick out shoes. . . 
how about these?
I just discovered this vintage shop the other day when I was trolling around for shoes, and had a hard time resisting buying up half of the shop. It's pretty new, just opened in December, and has a very finely curated selection of vintage. Take a look at Rack Sabbath and see what you think! (Oh, and I absolutely adore her shop banner.)

I hope everyone has some time to play dress-up too!


  1. thank you! i love these selections.. the dress (boudoir queen makes me SWOON) and that awesome necklace... very art deco and beautiful. i'm honored to be included.

  2. my pleasure including you! I may just end up snatching up those shoes myself if no one else does!