Thursday, November 4, 2010

Red Onion Woodworks

For today's Thursday Etsy Feature I thought I'd showcase an Etsy shop I just discovered yesterday, Camille's Red Onion Woodworks.

Natural Edge Salvaged Maple Serving Tray

I love the simple, rustic, earthiness of the serving trays, cutting boards, and various style platters that you can find in this shop. Taken straight from Camille's profile on Etsy, here's a little bit about the creator of these functional pieces of nature-wonder:

"I'm an off-grid mom of two. I start every morning by milking my dairy goat. My husband, Henry, is a horseshoer, farmer, botanist, Spanish interpreter, and sawyer among other things. He and our friend Stu have milled up vast stacks of beautifully figured bigleaf maple lumber. All the logs for this project were salvaged from industrial logging operations, backyards, and storm-damaged areas, so you can rest assured that each tree had a long and full life."

A Perfect Natural Edge Cheese Board

I feel like Camille's work is the kind of great kitchen pieces you can have around for a lifetime, and then pass on to your children. The prefect antithesis to our throw-away society!

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