Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good things come in threes

I'm not much of a numerologist (although, give me time and I'm liable to grab a book on the matter and start reading) but I've always loved the number three and numbers divisible by three. . .

I figured since this is the first time I've put new work in my Etsy shop in about three months (I gasp when I see that in print) I figured I do it in threes. . .

inspiration: crows swooping and diving through the branches of redwood trees, finding bits of this and pieces of that to take back to their nests

I bring you a trio of new swoops to my shop. Brass, copper, and silver-platted copper, all are accented by spinel stone, all are inspired, to one extent or another by the fall season.

inspiration: the way foggy mornings feel so mysterious, the air a thick swirl of possibilities, all of the starlings lined up on the neighborhood fences waiting for the sun to break through

inspiration: the tiny brown, white, tan, and black sparrows greeting the mornings with their cheerful chirps perched in the spindly white-bark branches of birch trees

I hope that everyone's autumn is coming along nicely. I, for one, am definitely feeling the strong pull of the seasons. I want to make large batches of tomato sauce (with the last of the tomatoes from our very very late summer) to save in the freezer for the middle of winter, and walk through piles of crunchy leaves. Curl up with a steaming mug of mulled cider, and start thinking about what dress I want to wear for Thanksgiving dinner. Mainly, I want to hibernate a bit, and while I can't completely go into hibernation, I can find my own little moments and make them that!

I hope everyone is having a lovely beginning to their fall season.

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