Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Everyday when I wake up, almost immediately a long "to do" list starts swirling around in my head. Some days the list grows so long before I've even stepped foot out of bed that I simply don't want to get up and face the enormity of it all. . .

Sometimes, simple tasks, tasks that lend towards being meditative and calming, are just what I need to start my day off right. Tasks like sorting through a large stash of brass, copper, and silver scrap wires.

I sorted throught these:

Some of the scraps then went towards making these:

for an Etsy order.

It was a good jumping off point for my day, the literal sorting of the three different kinds of metals was conducive to a figurative sorting of my priorities. You see, I'm trying to "get ahead" a bit in the next few days since I'll be gone all weekend for my birthday (I'm a lucky gal!) Which means, check back in later this week for a special birthday Etsy offer in my shop!

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