Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Adventures

Or, a new series better known as "my life as portrayed on Instagram". . . 

kitchen corners: a God's eye made by my friend Molly. She's got a whole collection of these that she's made and they're all super rad.

Oakland's First Friday, aka Art Mumur. I set up a booth outside with Jeff. He sold his posters. I sold my baubles. Pretty good deal =)

Some weekend essentials. I headed out to Patterson to see my family on Saturday. It reached 109 out there! Woweee!

Coffee to start my day in one of my all time favorite mugs.

Arlo, the wonderful cat that he is. He always know when I need to relax. As in, "don't worry about this laundry, mom. It's making a great bed!"

Sera (Jeff's daughter) had a photo exhibit with her photo class at Berkeley High last week. Her series was of snapshots from many different college campuses on the east cost. She visited a bunch of campuses a few weeks ago with her mom ('cause she'll be applying to colleges this November!)

There's lots going on here at the Tangleweeds studio too! Just to entice you, I'll be posting here about a sale in my Etsy shop later this week. . . 

Oh, it's fun to tease =)

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