Thursday, October 20, 2011


Yup. Not much going on in the Boozer-Komush abode tonight. I'm staying in, taking care of my sick honey, and relaxing. We lounged on the couch and watched An Officer and a Gentleman, and wowzers, romantic!

Seriously though, life keeps throwing me all of these curve balls. I feel like the universe is either 1. trying to tell me I need to be doing something else with my life (i.e. not the jewelry biz) or 2. is seriously testing just how committed I am to my work and thus making sure I'm doing the right thing with my life. I won't get into all of it right at this moment, but basically I've had to move my studio space, rather unexpectedly, this week. Right when I would be buckling down and preparing for the holiday craft fairs I'm slated for (hello, Baz Biz and Renegade!!!).

But the space is nearly all moved and should be completely moved by this time or earlier tomorrow. Yes, I am frustrated that I've basically lost a week's worth of jewelry production time. . . And, yes, I am trying not to focus on that. Because there are some silver linings to my new workspace. I have some wonderful friends that have pulled me through.

But still, many questions nag at me. Mainly, how much is too much to sacrifice to pursue my passion?


  1. Just bought a pair of your beautiful earrings! Keep the faith; you are too good to stop.


  2. Thanks for the sweet words Emily! It means a lot!