Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All of it

Phew! Yes the holidays have passed. And, no it is not lost on me that we are already well on our way into January. The holidays this year were busy busy busy, with little space to move or breathe. I found myself only doing what was absolutely necessary to get through each day, and the list of what was "absolutely necessary" was quite long. Most of what kept me so busy revolved around my business, around Tangleweeds. More and more I found myself pushing other priorities down to the bottom of my list, like a dirty pile of laundry in the middle of the room, the sheer number of things in my life I was ignoring grew and grew. And this did not make me happy! I never set out to be my own boss because I wanted to be a 24-7 workaholic. No, actually I set out to work for myself so I could create my own schedule.

Arlo. One of the two cats Jeff and I adopted back in October.

When December drew to a close, and the new year was ushered in with drinks and dancing and good times spent with my boyfriend and my sister and her husband, I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. It felt like a huge space had opened up in my days, a space that had not been there for the last two months. My days went from feeling small and restrictive to large and expansive, without definite borders. All of a sudden I could find the time to just sit and drink a cup of tea, to just sit and do nothing.

my booth at the Holiday Renegade Fair in San Francisco

No, this is not the post about how I tried my hand at the arts and crafts selling business and "that's it", "enough for me." No. I am more determined than ever to stick with the handmade jewelry biz and see what comes. . . I am anxious for this year because it will most likely be my biggest year yet. What this post is about is this: I need to plan for the holidays more thourougly. I don't want to feel like I have to ignore my friends, my boyfriend, my family because I'm so in over my head. And while I know that the holidays will always be crazy for me if this is to be my profession, I also know that I can find a balance that allows me to enjoy the holidays as well.

on the beach in San Diego. Our Thanksgiving trip to see Jeff's parents in Escondido.

I am eternally grateful for everything 2010 brought me. A new home with my family. Two adorable cats. Lots of laughs and good dinners with friends. Time with Jeff: our trips to Nevada City, our Sunday nights at Jupiter listening to live bluegrass music, cooking dinners at home together. And, of course, all of the wonderful people who have come my way via Tangleweeds. You all are part of what keeps the creative wheel turning!

photo of a custom design I created from a sketch of mine for a Etsy customer.

Yes, I could ramble on and on about all the many many things I am grateful for from 2010, but I'll stop there, keep it short and sweet.  Sleep well tonight, all of my lovely readers! I will be back tomorrow with my "item of the week post" per the usual.


  1. It is so essential to those that work for themselves, at home, to also schedule their own 'time out'. And I'm sure that it is so much easier said than done! Thank goodness you realised it though busy lady. Don't 'they' say that the first year of busy self-business is the hardest? Don't ask me who 'they' are. Anyhow, this was a lovely post, and I'm really glad your jewellery shop (stalls) are doing so well.

  2. Yes, the time out is definitely easier said than done. Because when you work at home it's always there, and the tricky part is it doesn't always feel like work, for better or for worse. 'Cause you still need a break even if it doesn't always feel like work!