Monday, December 6, 2010

A Full Weekend

After a lovely but very busy weekend, I came down with a nasty flu-bug thing on Monday. Hence, the delay on this post about my weekend. In fact, today is blogging galore day! I'll be posting my usual "item-of-the-week" post later tonight as well as info about my upcoming craft fairs.

Saturday was the Noise Pop Holiday Shop in San Francisco, at the historic Verdi Club. The show was a lot of fun. Jeff and I sold at this one together, making for a very tiny set-up space!

There was live music and great food and yummy drinks (oh the bloody marys!). Here's a few snapshots from the day:

After a busy show-Saturday Jeff and I decided to take the day off on Sunday. We went to the farmer's market, ran some errands (like getting a fireplace screen so we can actually have fire in our new place and not risk the cats setting themselves on fire!), went to Urban Ore in Berkeley and had coffee at one of my new favorite places, Local 123.

That's Otis. The cats weren't too happy with the fact that we weren't at home very much over the weekend.

snack time! persimmons are in season again. yum!

mocha and good reads at Local 123

We finished the day at our favorite spot for locally brewed beer, Jupiter, in Berkeley.

Have a lovely night!

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  1. Ha! You look very happy and smiley...or is that the Bloody Marys?! ;)